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Petrushev Capital is a trading firm based in CEE. Strategically headquartered in Prague, and leveraging on our global network, we maximise emerging opportunities in the digital asset and commodities markets.


We are responsive, efficient, disciplined and discreet.

Petrushev Capital provides institutions and individuals with unique access to opportunities in the digital asset space.

We're your bridge to the digital asset economy

Blockchains and digital assets are disrupting the finance and technology industry by empowering hundreds of millions across the globe to transact immediately, without intermediaries and without limits.

Highly qualified advisory

Petrushev Capital is a highly qualified asset management advisory, with its core activities in the Digital Asset, Commodities and Electrical Energy businesses. We specialise in the digital asset derivative and spot markets.

Easy as it can be

At Petrushev Capital we are giving counteparties frictionless access to this new world of possibility through bespoke OTC service and world-class research and insights.

In a very volatile environment, we are committed to provide services that will have a positive impact on your life.

Since 2012




Get started by simply emailing with your inquiry. When you decide you want to buy or sell a large amount of digital assets over-the-counter, begin by approaching the Petrushev Capital OTC desk and completing the onboarding documentation.


To become an OTC client you must go through the standard onboarding process, obtaining the highest level of verification, to enable large transactions.

All OTC clients are required to provide various types of documentation and sign Cryptocurrency Purchase Agreement for Bilateral Trading.


Open up a line of communication, via chat, text or voice call with the trade-desk about your preferred trade. It doesn’t have to be long, you can simply say:

I would like to buy 50 Bitcoin.

I can sell you 50 BTC at a price of $7,000 USD per Bitcoin.

Confirm trade

We have a standard protocol that will be emailed to you from our trader about confirming/ rejecting trades. There is a very short limited time period where you can accept/reject the offered price.

You choose whether or not you wish to buy at the price offered. If you agree, the trade is confirmed, and the trader will ask for a deposit address where they can send the purchased assets. After confirming the trade, wait for a confirmation of the transaction via email. In this email you’ll find wire instructions for the OTC bank account, where you will wire the funds.

Complete trade

Once the OTC receives the bank transfer, our trader will send the assets to the specified wallet address, along with a confirmation email to your inbox, and the trade is complete.

Questions? Get to know more about our OTC Process

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Vlado Petrushev
Managing Director

Vlado Petrushev founded Petrushev Capital in 2017. He has background in finance and computer networks. In the past worked for IBM in Czech Republic.

In 2015 he founded Minebox IT Services GmbH, who was the first blockchain startup from Austria to be acquired. Besides being passionate about asset management, he is also passionate about swimming.

Elvis Pozek
Client Success Manager

Elvis has 20 years experience in sales and business development.
He was introduced to Bitcoin in 2012 from Bitstamp founders. Soon after he established world’s first distribution channel for crypto hardware wallets.

He served as CEO of Eventus Sistemi, fast growing distributor of IT goods in Slovenia. Lastly he was Head of Retail operations at Swiss based Shift Cryptosecurity.
He's a triathlete, Ironman finisher and likes to spend mornings in the swimming pool.

Nikola Zaric
Quant Trading Advisor

Nikola is currently finishing his Master Degree in Electrical Engineering at the State University of Belgrade. In the past he worked for ECD and was a student associate to a Microsoft team.

As a Software Engineer native in Python, he develops algorithmic trading systems, execution strategies and blockchain analytics tools. He advises Petrushev Capital on quant trading strategies and development of an automated OTC platform.

Besides being passionate about crypto assets, he is passionate about fitness and hiphop.


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